Chatbot examples.

Chatbot as a system for communicating with a company or institution has very wide applications: from conducting a conversation on a dedicated topic, to brand or company promotion, to handling a given process. Bots operate in the world’s largest banks, work for global brands, but also for public institutions. Some of them, however, have other ambitions: for example, to pass the Turing test. Below are some examples of chatbots worth getting to know.

Examples of chatbots in commercial implementations Contemporary chatbot applications are primarily commercial implementations that apply to almost all industries:

finance (banking, insurance, debt collection), e-commerce (online stores, online platforms), automotive, logistics, tourism and gastronomy, media and entertainment.

Bots implementing a selected process are more and more common, they are useful, but also position the brand well.

Chatbot in the bank:

let’s talk about savings The banking industry is one of those with great potential to adapt solutions in the field of AI. Both the investment budgets available in this sector and the enormity of data (even the number of customers) to be processed make the entire fintech and insurtech industry with great potential for automation. How to encourage customers to save? Emirates NDB Bank believes it’s best to convince them with a chatbot.

Chatbot for the automotive brand:

we invite you to celebrate together Every opportunity is good to launch a chatbot, so it’s worth learning about successful implementations in this area. Conversation systems present in brands’ social profiles (e.g. Facebook messenger) are already used to handle everyday conversations with users. The chatbot below was prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes-AMG brand. The following implementation shows how to use the potential hidden in the community.

Is the inclusion of the competition and / or occasional module also possible in the case of chatbots that the company already has on its website or in the messenger? Of course yes, because developing a program is basically always possible. Current promotions, events and events: it’s best to always adapt a chatbot to the current reality.

Chatbot books the reservations and accepts the order.

Chatbot that will guide the user through the company’s offer / services and help him choose the best proposal from a wide range of possibilities? In this situation, intelligent algorithms will handle it without any problem. Booking a hotel among a wide range of options is now easier for users than ever before. And this is even without searching the website resources.

Also, ordering pizza thanks to the chatbot is easier than ever. Moreover, such a solution is not only useful for the consumer, but also very optimal from the perspective of the process, because ordering takes place without the participation of an employee.

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